About Us

Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal,
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What can we offer You?

E-commerce Business Solution

  1. Our Team will assist and train you on how to use our software to set up and sell your products on your own!
  2. This will allow you to manage your product range, prices and stock availability.

Customer Database

a. Increase your audience reach by making use of our Large database
b. There will also be constant marketing initiatives to increase our reach and active client database

Secure Online Payments

a. We offer safe and secure online payment methods for clients


  1. We have a team of experts that are constantly focusing on marketing initiatives to ensure that www.wegotdeals.co.za is reaching clients far and wide

Graphic Design

  1. Our team of Graphic Designers main aim is to ensure that our website is always visually appealing


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How do You get started?

1. Application Form

Complete the application form below which will provide us with relevant information we need about YOUR Company and its Products!

2. Vetting Process

Your application will go through a strict vetting process to ensure that our criteria and standards are met!

3. Membership

Choose the membership Package best suited for your business

4. Registration Process

Complete the Registration process by submitting relevant information and documents.

5. Training & Onboarding

Our team will provide you with a step by step guide you on how to use our system so that you are able to update your products independently.

Vetting Process

PDF Upload of your Company Registration Documents.

Contact Name and Numbers of at least 4 Trade References.

PDF Upload of Letter of Confirmation of Bank Account.

Inspection of Business Warehouse or Premises

Quality inspection of product being listed.

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